My mother has a fancy Noritake dinnerset that she keeps for special occasions. It’s a gorgeous blue and white set, made of fine porcelain. Once upon a time it sat proudly on display in a glass-fronted cabinet, but eventually it got packed away into the cupboard to ensure it didn’t…

The final guitar (so much awesome the camera couldn’t focus)

6 months ago I decided to build my own guitar, today… I finished that guitar. So, so, happy.

Last time I posted about the guitar I was busy with the clear coat — or more specifically, dealing with the drips down the back. Turns out that sanded out really easily…

After what seemed like an eternity, all the bits and pieces finally arrived. Unfortunately the company I ordered from forgot to pack one of the key bits, but it could be sourced locally so only had to wait a couple of days for that last bit (the nut).

My guitar’s neck

One of…

Kat Hempstalk

Machine Learning, AI and Data Expert. By day I work training machines to think, by night I plot to take over the world. All views expressed here are my own.

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